Do you have a Secret Weapon or a Booby Trap? Part 1 of 2

Have you ever tried to do something that you just couldn’t seem to achieve? You knew the actions you were supposed to take but you just couldn’t take them? Or maybe you were taking the right action but still not getting the results you wanted? If you answered, “Yes,” these next two articles are for you. This topic is too big to cover in one article. And too important not to discuss. So here we go…

The human mind is a profound, powerful, and mysterious machine. I’m sure many of you have heard that we only use about 10% of the power of our brains. That’s actually a gross understatement, and the part that we DON’T use can either be our secret weapon that helps us create exactly what we want or the booby trap that derails us when we aren’t looking.

The part of our brain that we routinely use is the part we call the “Conscious Mind.” It is the logical part of you. This is the part that does things like make the grocery list, put gas in the car, answer the phone, and make the to-do list. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, this part of the brain sends impulses that travel 120-140 MPH and processes data at around 2,000 bits/second.

The part of our brain that is either the secret weapon or the booby trap is the “Subconscious Mind.” The Subconscious Mind is working constantly in the background to store, sort, and process the enormous amount of information that it encounters daily. Sending impulses at 100,000 MPH and processing data at about 4 BILLION bits/second, it is in charge of every cell in your body. It tells
your heart to beat, your diaphragm to breathe, and your muscles to contract or relax. It is also the place where all of your emotions, memories, habits, quirks, experiences, and beliefs reside. (Does that list sound familiar? It should. These are the components that make up your Gifts.)

If your life, including your work, is already exactly the way you want it, and you are easily able to create or accomplish anything you choose, then you Subconscious Mind is already programmed to be your secret weapon. If, on the other hand, you are dissatisfied with certain aspects of your life, your Subconscious Mind is probably working as a booby trap. We will explore “how” it works as a booby trap next month.

In the meantime, here’s a tool you can start using now to begin to transform your Subconscious Mind from Booby trap to Secret Weapon:


1. Listen to the way you talk to and about yourself. Do you say things like, “I am clumsy.” “It is selfish of me to want X.” “This kind of stuff always happens to me.” “I’m not smart enough to learn X.” I once had a friend who described this language as “self-defecating language” (pooping all over yourself.) For now, don’t worry about changing it. Just start to notice. What do you say to yourself?

2. Listen to the way you describe your world. How much time do you spend talking about what you DON’T like or DON’T want?


Go 21 consecutive days with NO Bitching, Whining, Complaining  or Criticizing. If you have a little slip, no worries. Simply say, “Oops,” and start over at Day 1. To help you out, I’ve created a little graphic for you to print out and hang where you can see it often. Just click the image in this article to download it.


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