How does your money move?

You know how important it is to keep things moving. You move your body to stay flexible and strong. You “move” your mind by taking on new challenges and continuously learning so creative ideas can come in, develop, and move out into the world. Our bodies and our minds only “work” when they move.

The same is true of money. Yet when it comes to money, many people operate from a place of, “make as much as possible, and spend as little as possible.” In order for your money to work at least as hard as you do to make a difference in the world,  it has to MOVE.

Here is an exercise to help you shift your mindset around money so it can move and make a difference in the world… for you and those around you.

Pay Bills with Gratitude

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Life comes with expenses…food, shelter, clothing, transportation, utilities, etc. You could choose NOT to pay those expenses, but then what?  Live in the dark?  Grow all your food in the backyard?  Live by the river so you have water?  And yet for many the exercise of paying a bill becomes an exercise in grumbling and complaining. Imagine the stress you create for yourself and the discomfort for those around you!

Next time you sit down to pay bills, play with paying them joyfully.

For example, as you write the check (electronic or otherwise) to pay the water bill, imagine how grateful you are that you get to have running water every day!  You don’t have to carry it from the village well or pull it out of the river.  Then visualize the number of people who receive income BECAUSE your need for running water provides a steady and reliable income for them. Each time you make your car payment, think about how nice it is that you get to drive to work each day instead of taking the bus. And consider the number of people who can provide for their children BECAUSE you put gas in your car or have it washed or get the oil changed.

When you shift to a Mindset of choosing to spend your money, even on the necessaries, in gratitude instead of being forced to do it out of a sense of lack or scarcity, you’ll notice how much easier abundance flows to you in other areas of your life.

What does that have to do with leadership?

Everything! Try it and notice what happens around you.

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