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Here’s your Mindset Mistake for November. If you would rather read this tip than watch the video, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

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This is Martha Austin with Conscious Leadership blueprint and I have for you another Mindset Mistake that will derail your leadership. When I tell you what this Mindset Mistake is, some of you are going to think “Wow, this woman is way off base, this can’t be right.” And yet I’m going to offer you a different perspective. So the Mindset Mistake is “It has to be perfect”, some of you are thinking, “Martha what are you saying? I have to do my best every time and perfect is what I am aiming for.” I understand that, what I’m encouraging you to consider is, get comfortable with “Good Enough”.

Let me give you an example. Lets say you’re putting together a project proposal at work, you start working on the project, you outline it, you begin your presentation, you edit the slides. Then you go back and review it, and then you edit it again, then you go and review it, then you give it to a colleague to review it, and you edit that again and you are looking for perfect. Meanwhile another colleague with a similar idea has put their proposal together, reviewed it one time, edited one time and moved forward to make the proposal. And they got the project.

See once you start moving you can course correct. But nothing can happen as long as you are standing still. So I encourage you, get comfortable with Good EnoughAnd take that next step.

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